Thayallan Srinathan.

Innovator and Software Engineer.


About Me

I'm an 18 year old innovator and software developer who is passionate about leveraging exponential technologies to change the world. I was recently awarded the Young Innovator to Watch award by CES, the world's biggest Consumer Electronics Show. I have also been recognized as a Not Implossible Fellow for a humanitarian project I built.

Major Accomplishments

North American Awards
Hackathon Prizes



HOTSPOT. Providing internet access to anyone in the world.

Hotspot is a movement with a goal to provide internet access to everyone in the world. We've started out phase 1 of this project by attempting to onboard people with cellular service but no internet access. In many rural communities in developing countries many people face this problem where they have cell service but no internet. In fact that number is around 2 billion! We've focused the last couple months on building out phase 1 and have a functional prototype. Project Hotspot has won numerous prizes including the Young Innovator to Watch award, The Not Impossible Award, and the project has been presented at multiple different places such as Deloitte Crypto Camp and the DMZ Accelerator. Click on the image to check it out!


CHUTE. Smart Trash Can.

Many parks and public areas in Toronto and in the world often find themselves flooded with masses of waste in need of collection. The weekly collection performed by the government is often not enough to handle the strain being placed upon by the people, and not to mention that it is one of the most inefficient services provided by the government. Chute makes a long, expensive, and complicated process of waste collection simple through the powers of automation. We have fit this recycling bin, which would be found in a public setting such as a park with sensors and motors. Once it is filled, the lid will close, and a notification will be sent to available certified workers, who may choose to accept the cleanup job, or allow another available worker to take the job. Once the job is accepted, the worker will be able to open the bin, empty the contents, and will be paid upon completion of the job. Click on the image to check it out!


PotholePal. Pothole Identification Vehicle.

I integrated an arduino on a RedBot Inventors Kit car. By attaching an ultrasonic sensor module to the arduino and mounting it to the front of the vehicle, we are able to detect changes in elevation AKA detect potholes. After the detection, the geotag of the pothole and an image of the pothole is sent to a mosquito broker, which then directs the data to an iOS app which a government worker can view. They can then use that information to go and fix the pothole. Click on the image to check it out

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